The Legend Music "Experience"
It's Not Just Music Lessons, It's an EXPERIENCE!

“Experience” Membership Program Benefits:

Full access to state of the art equipment and equipment training.

Eyeballing that new guitar or trying to decide on that new pedal? Try out any in stock item during your lesson or use it at a jam night.  Schedule a full equipment training session and maximize your time with it.

Front of the line priority seating.

We offer classes and work shops. Not only will you get in free, but RSVP to us and receive front row reserved seating.

Jam Now

Ever wanted to go to one of those Jam Nights but didn't have the nerve. Did you run off the stage because you didn't know how to solo in E-Minor over a 1-4-5? Not only will you receive priority seating to our Friday night jam session. We offer a special work shop. We'll teach you how to play with a band at a Jam Night in this class room like low pressure setting. You guessed it, it's all free for all “Experience” members.

Month End Maintenance

We offer a special work shop to help teach you how to maintain your instrument. These classes are catered to our audience. We'll teach everything you need to maintain your instrument from changing guitar strings and drum heads  to tuning drums and polishing frets. Don't forget about the raffle prizes and free giveaways.

Recording Preparation
The recording process can be complex. Our staff if extremely experienced in this field. Whether it's recording a solo audition piece for honor band or college, or recording your bands first demo or album, we can help get you prepared. With some basic preparation and tips, our one on one consultation will get you prepared.

“Experience” Lesson Policy
All lesson prices are based on four lessons per month. One cancelation per month is permitted. 24 hour notice must be given and make ups are based on teacher availability.

Call us for price and scheduling information:
Legend Music
(209) 239-2600