Jamie Moreno
John "Sean" Corsaro
alt John “Sean” plays a variety of styles of music, ranging from rock, jazz, funk, Latin, country, to odd time signatures. He has played percussion with ex-Santana’s conga player, Michael Carabella on his first solo
project, “Attitudes Band”. John “Sean” has accompanied Emmett Chapman, the inventor of the “stick” at a two hour clinic held at the Wild Blue Yonder, as well as performing jazz standards and odd time signatures there.
John “Sean” has toured with the Dawny Reb Bands’ European/Netherland D.O.D. Tour ( eleven countries in 45 days). He has 313 drum/percussion videos on youtube; adding more daily.

Along with teaching drums/percussion at Legend Music Sound Stage, John plays with the Roger Perry Band, as well as with his own band, the Mad Hatter Trio (who composes their own material; jazz/fusion).
As if all this doesn’t keep John busy, he also subs for drummers/percussionists who need his services.

A quote he once stated, proclaimed:
“I do not need world wide fame, to be known for something I did.. . I just want to have demonstrated clearly that it feels good to pass on the knowledge of drums/percussion to those who want it”.

John "Sean" teaches at Legend Music Sound Stage in Fresno, CA.

Clancy Ferrill
Ryan Price



Ryan’s musical journey started when he got his first bass guitar at the age of 14. He realized as soon as he played his first couple notes, that music was his passion. After expanding his musicianship on the bass, Ryan decided to pick up the guitar, as well as the piano.

He will be graduating from Modesto Junior College next semester with his AA in Music, where he then plans on attending CSU Stanislaus where he has been awarded a scholarship opportunity. Along with playing in the Jazz band and orchestra he has taken classical guitar and piano courses during his schooling. Ryan’s plans are to graduate with his Bachelor’s Degree in Musical composition, where he then hopes to write music for movies, video games, and television series.

While going to school, he has been playing in three musical projects, And All Was Lost, Trials and Memories and his solo project, Shore Patterns. He appreciates many genres such as, but not limited to: Metal, jazz, rock, classical, funk, and Reggae. Ryan always enjoys teaching music. He believes that practice, dedication, patience, and confidence are keys to learning and improving your musical abilities. When Ryan’s not going to school, playing with his bands, and teaching, he also likes to go camping, rafting, and kayaking.
Ryan teaches at Legend Music in Manteca, CA.
Gregg Landrey


interests:Reading, writing short stories, poetry, and song lyrics
Ipod playlist:Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Godsmack, Black label society, Red hot chilli peppers, Lucinda williams
Drum Heroes:John Bonham, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy,Chad Smith, Vinnie Paul
years playing:40
years teaching:7
Goals for students: I want students to learn to play drums in a variety of styles, read drum charts, and be proficient in rudiments and time keeping. I mainly want to share the joy of music with all who wish to learn."To those who understand, I extend my hand."
Gregg has played live and recorded in Chicago, Nashville, L.A., And San Francisco.
Gregg has played in bands who have opened for Alice in chains, Extreme, Y n T, L.A. Gunns, Rick derringer, Molly hatchet, Foghat,Mindy Mcready,Martina Mcbride, and played on legendary stages such as Tootsies and legends corner, the second fiddle in Nashville, The Roxy, The Whiskey, The Rainbow,The Troubador in L.A., THE THIRSTY Whale in Chicago, as well as bars and pubs all over San Francisco.
Gregg teaches at Legend Music in Manteca, CA.
Gabriel Argote


Rick Hammarstrom

Rick Hammarstrom photo
Rick has been teaching music in California public schools for over 25 years.
He currently teaches in the Manteca Unified School District.

Rick teaches woodwinds, brass, violins, piano, music theory and composition,
as well as jazz improvisation.
He is a California native, raised in Hayward, CA.
Rick attended BYU, where he received his BA in Music Education and also received his
teaching credential. Rick went on to receive his MA at CSU Sacramento in Music Education.

Hobbies include song writing, sports, and dating his wife. Rick is happily married and has six children.
Main instruments; saxophone, flute, clarinet and keyboard.
Music genre preferred: jazz and soul.

Rick teaches at Legend Music in Manteca, CA.

Terry Talbot
alt Terry Talbothas a rich history in American music. Before Terry’s journey into Christian music he was the founder of the country rock band, Mason Proffit of Two Hangmen and Better Find Jesus fame. They recorded five albums on the Warner Bros. label and their opening acts included John Denver, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, and Dan Fogleberg. Later, with brother John, he toured as the opening act for the Eagles. He earned early recognition as an accomplished guitarist with Glen Campbell, Chad Mitchell and Sonny and Cher.

Thirty years ago Terry Talbot was one of the few who founded and shaped Contemporary Christian Music…CCM.
He has recorded over 30 albums and has been nominated for a number of Grammy and Dove awards. The last seven years he has released six CD’s and a live video. Before that he recorded seven solo albums with Sparrow Records including the Grammy nominated album, The Painter, with his brother John Michael Talbot.

Terry teaches guitar at the Legend Music Sound Stage in Fresno, CA.